Floyd The Barista

Quality Coffee!

Quality coffee

We use only the finest quality coffee to satisfy your coffee needs.

On the Go!

Drive through coffee

Order your coffee with your phone and pick up your coffee in minutes.

Easy to Order!

Order with your phone

Use your mobile phone to easily order your coffees on the go!

Like Coffee? Like saving time?

Floyd the Barista can give you both! We understand that you have a busy life and like a quality coffee in the morning. Floyd the Barista is a new concept using the latest technology that allows you to order your coffee on your way to work. You start by making an order using your mobile phone. As you drive past the mobile coffee station you just drive in, pick up your coffee, then continue on your way.

We are in the final stages of preperation. Come back soon to get the latest updates and become a member. If you have any questions please contact us.